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Adagio Amsterdam is a medium-sized psychologist’s practice in Amsterdam where children, adults, the elderly and families can go for psychological consultation and treatment. We distinguish ourselves by also offering treatment in other languages, with a special focus on the Latin languages. Within our practice we speak Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, English, French, Papiamento, but also a number of Slavic languages. We provide care for a variety of psychological complaints, both within basic and specialist mental health care.

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Who we are

More than thirty different practitioners work at Adagio.
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Adagio Amsterdam Psychologist Practice Teaser 1200


At Adagio we offer psychological diagnosis and treatment to children, young people, adults, the elderly and families.

Adagio Amsterdam Psychologist Practice Teaser 1200


Adagio offers guidance and treatment to adults with various psychological or psychiatric problems

Adagio Amsterdam is planning to move

Adagio Amsterdam Psychologen Praktijk Interieur Kerk

In order to be able to answer the growing demand, we need to expand, which unfortunately is not possible at our current location.

That is why we looked further and we found a new location.

There is still a very large renovation to take place and it will therefore take a while before we really move.

For the time being, we will remain at the trusted address at the Mauritskade. As soon as more is known, we will let you know and we will also invite you to take a look, so check the website every now and then to see if there is any new information.



“Adagio” is originally an Italian musical term that indicates that a piece of music is played in a slow, comfortable tempo.

An ‘adagio’ is also a wisdom for Latinos, a starting point, a principle related to advice, knowledge and knowledge transfer.

And besides that, it also means ‘made or done with care’. Three principles that are very important to us, because within Adagio we like to work in a traditional way and we always take the personal circumstances of the people with and for whom we work into account. The human dimension is our starting point.

Mission & Vision

The person is central to Adagio. Our mission is to provide the treatment that best suits the person and the situation. Adequate treatment is central to providing the person with the right treatment that matches what someone needs. In particular, Adagio is aimed at people of Hispanic background. One of the qualities that makes Adagio unique is not only the variety of languages ​​spoken, but also the knowledge and experience of the different cultural aspects that influence the perception of the problems our clients have. We have an eye for the connection of interventions to the personal situation of the client. We use a holistic approach in which the client and his/her context are central.


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